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City of Jonesboro GA - 8th Annual Scarecrow Contest



The City of Jonesboro is sponsoring our 8th Annual Scarecrow Decorating Contest. The contest is open to all, businesses, families, clubs and organizations doing business in and around Clayton County.

Contestants are encouraged to assist setting up their displays in downtown Jonesboro, to decorate downtown for the approaching Fall Season.

Scarecrows can be placed outside in front of a business or displayed in a business window but must be visible from the sidewalk.

Clubs or organizations wishing to sponsor a Scarecrow display will be provided a downtown location. Register here.


Be creative! Use your imagination! Depict a favorite fairytale, animal, fantasy figure, movie or television character or historic person. Your entry can be traditional, humorous or contemporary. Remember that this is a community celebration. The goal is to generate good will and a festive atmosphere. No political, religious, off-color or profane displays will be allowed.

Construction Guidelines:

Location: Scarecrows will be placed in the Plant Beds lining Main Street. The builder of the scarecrow must provide a method in which the Scarecrow will stand. We will provide hay bales, around the base of the scarecrow for added appeal.

Size Limitations: Maximum height: 8 feet; Maximum width: 4 feet. The entire structure is considered to be the dimension of the entry, not just the scarecrow. Scarecrows must not obstruct view or impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic, but keep in mind you’ll want the scarecrow visible from the street.

Materials: Please construct your scarecrow for durability. It needs to withstand wind and rain. Some suggestions of lasting materials are chicken wire, straw, corn husks and stalks and rubber foam. You may want to consider these tips, as well:
• Spray Scotch guard® on the inside and outside of fabrics to prevent mildew
• Stuffing can be made from plastic bags or bubble wrap, for example. Newspaper and water-soluble peanuts are not advised. Use weather resistant materials including nylon and polyester fabrics.

• Please include a plaque or sign that lists a title, description and name of the entry.


The City of Jonesboro and its agents may use photographs of and stories about the scarecrow

as well as information contained in this entry form for publicity and promotion of the event. Do not put anything of value or importance on the scarecrow. All parts must be securely fastened. The City of Jonesboro assumes no responsibility for the scarecrow or its pieces.

1st Place Winner will receive a $100 dollar Visa gift.