Criminal Investigation Unit

The responsibilities of the Criminal Investigations Unit are: to identify and apprehend offenders; recover stolen property; gather, document, and evaluate facts about the criminal activity; process crime scenes, recover and preserve evidence and property; and present evidence to various courts to seek successful prosecution of the offender(s).
All criminal reports made to the Jonesboro Police Department are sent to the Criminal Investigations Unit for assessment. The reports are reviewed for facts and information which would lead detectives to the identity of a suspect.

Evidence & Property

Evidence & Property receives and stores evidentiary, found, and safekeeping items for the Jonesboro Police Department. The section is responsible for returning items to the rightful owners, when possible.

Open Records

Initial reports may be obtained from the Jonesboro Police Department. Documents requested through open records must be picked up at Police Headquarters. All other information included in a report/investigation can only be released through open records and must be requested in writing. All requests will be processed within (3) three business days as specified by the Georgia Open Records Act after the request is received. Please be advised that certain records are not releasable under Open Records due to cases involving Active/Pending Investigation/Pending Prosecution/the nature of a crime or incidents with Juveniles involved. Requests can be made via email at, or in person at the Jonesboro Police Department.