City Clerk

Our Purpose: 

One of the oldest offices in public service and playing a vital role in the smooth functioning of local government, city clerks are the unsung heroes of municipal governance. Acting as the custodians of official records, they ensure transparency and accountability by meticulously documenting the decisions and actions of city councils, committees, and commissions. From maintaining meeting minutes to managing public records, city clerks uphold the integrity of government operations, facilitating access to information for citizens and officials alike. 

Our Responsibilites:

 The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the City is in compliance with applicable laws including:

  • Open Records
  • Open Meetings
  • Election Laws

Upcoming Election 2025

The next Jonesboro Municipal Election will be on November 4, 2025

Residency Requirements: 

All elected officials must be a resident in the city limits of Jonesboro for at least (1) year to run for a Mayor or Council seat.

Terms of Office:

The terms of office are four years beginning on January 1, 2026. Qualifying Fees: Council - $277.20


Melissa Brooks
Office – (770)478-3800 Skype
Fax – (770)478-3775 Skype




Pat Deniel

Pat Daniel, CMC
Assistant City Clerk
Office – (770)478-3800 Skype
Fax – (770)478-3775 Skype

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