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Economic Development

The City Administrator's Office serves as the Economic Development Office and as a direct liason for the City of Jonesboro to the business community. Our goal is to sustain long-term economic health and vitality of the City through the retention, expansion and attraction of busiensses and development that enhance property values, increase personal income, and make a positive contribution to the quality of life for the citizens of Jonesboro. We are eager to create attractive opportunities for existing Jonesboro companies to successfully grow their businesses and to assist companies and entrepreneurs looking to startup or relocate new business operations in the Jonesboro area. To meet this goal, our staff philosophy is to think outside the box and provide businesses with creative economic development opportunities, alternatives, solutions, and assistance to meet their specific needs and goals. 


We work confidentially with companies to find the right site for their business while assembling an attractive package of incentives designed to ease the financial burdens incurred when expanding or relocating a business.  


Recently, Joy Day Received the GMA's Certificate of Distinction - the highest level of training designation. 
The City of Jonesboro Receives GMA GMEBS Life & Health Insurance Fund Health Promotion & Wellness Incentive Grant.
The City of Jonesboro will celebrate Georgia Cities Week, with weeklong events, from April 20th to April 25th.
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